Steven Ackerman


Steven Ackerman was born and raised in Winnipeg. He received his BFA in fine art photography at Syracuse University, after which he moved to NYC and began working as an assistant and printer for various photographers. This lead to freelance editorial portrait work for all sorts of magazines.

Nocturnal Landscapes are part of an ongoing series exploring the disintegration of the human element and the illumination the landscape through that process. The balance between the elimination of ourselves and the brilliance that is left behind through the photographic process.

The Hauntings/Keyhole series are film stills taken during the production of Guy Maddin's feature film "Keyhole" and the large body of short films called "Hauntings". Images were taken during the summer of 2010 and have been published in Boarder Crossings magazine as well as used internationally for publicity stills.

The Americas are a collection of portraits from various projects throughout north and south America, Canada and the USA.

B&W Portraits are part of an ongoing project started in July 2011. Citizens from all walks of life living in the Canadian West.

The Oasis is an ongoing series based at an inner-city public pool located in Winnipeg.

Influences on his work include Robert Frank, Richard Avedon, Ralph Ugene Meatyard.

Steven is featured in the 2011 photography issue of Border Crossings Magazine.

Publication Credits: The Onion, Time out New York, Grid, The Smithsonian, Vice, Border Crossings, Ray Gun, Canadian Art.